Armenian-Italian Architectural Influences


Author: Varoujan Akshehirlian

Publisher: Moughni Publishers

Format: Paperback

The architectural works of the Armenian Nation have been appropriated by the Italian and other European nations and are represented as their own creations. This edition will cast light upon such complicated issues by facts and analysis. This book will also confirm that in the architectural designs of churches, built in Italy between 12th-15th centuries, have been included as architectural elements of churches that were built in Armenia between 5th-12th centuries and which still exist today. Thus, it is time to justly recognize the influence of the Armenian architectural elements on Italian church architecture and impartially appraise the merit of Armenian architecture by European and other countries. The book is intended for historians and theorists of architecture, specialists in culture as well as the non-specialist audience. written by Professor Agop Ayntablian M.D.

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