Gugoco Alphabet iPhone case


GugoCo is a New York-based experimental art design boutique with a sense for all that is beautiful, practical and meaningful. In many ways, we owe it to our Armenian heritage and the values it instilled in us. GugoCo was inspired by khatchkar , the Armenian cross-stone, which ultimately defined the direction of our designs: Authentic • Meaningful • Intricate • Lasting • Armenian

The “Alphabet” case features a design that celebrates centuries of Armenian heritage as well as Armenia’s golden age of Christian literature. The Armenian alphabet, introduced by Saint Mesrop Mashtots and Isaac of Armenia in 405 AD, is a graphically unique alphabetical writing system that includes 38 letters.

100% of proceeds from GugoCo sales through the AGBU Bookstore will be directed to the AGBU Humanitarian Emergency Relief Fund for Syrian Armenians.

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