The Immortals: A Pictorial Anthology of Historiographic Works...

Author: Alice Navasargian

Publisher: Alice Navasgarian, California

Format: Hardcover


The Immortals: A Pictorial Anthology of Historiographic Works and a Brief History of Armenians in Persia

The Immortals is the third book by accomplished author Alice Navasargian that surveys the many contributions of the Armenian people. Drawing from extensive research from as early as the 12th century to the present, Navasargian profiles key figures in Armenian history. They include names such as Mkhitar Heratsi, the famous medieval doctor; Arakel Davrizhetsi, the 17th century Armenian historian; and Hovhannes Masehyan, the celebrated translator of Shakespeare. Navasargian also provides an account of the influences of Persian Armenians in Venice, and of the Persian Armenian families that rose to prominence in Russia.

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