The Recipes of Musa Dagh

Author: Alberta, Anna and Louisa Magazanian

Publisher: AGBU

Format: Paperback


The Armenian villages of Musa Dagh (Mount Moses) were among the very few that resisted the 1915 Ottoman forced marches. Victoria Magzanian was 9 years old when she climbed the mountain. These are the recipes of Victoria who ultimately survived and learned the cooking of her beloved Musa Dagh homeland. Her daughter Anna eagerly learned her mother's recipes over the many years they lived together.

The 2008 edition was revised in 2015, the centennial of the Armenian genocide. The new edition provides new recipes, added text about the village where we lived on Musa Dagh and various corrections. The new text includes a description of the battle on Musa Dagh and the evacuation of the villagers that took place.

Here's a review from Amazon:
"The recipes are fabulous, the presentation delectable looking and the history in the back of the book mesmerizing. So well done. I HIGHLY recommend it for any adventurous cook.”

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