Armenian Holidays & Traditions

Producer: AGBU

Format: App for iOS and Android devices


“Why do we celebrate Christmas on January 6?”  Find answers to this and many more questions as you join the AGBU family in celebrating a year of Armenian heritage, faith and culture with the new Armenian Holidays & Traditions app.

This beautifully illustrated app features a full calendar year of the most popular holidays celebrated by Armenians around the world. From the old to the new, each entry offers information about the origins and significance of the holiday and provides commonly used expressions, greetings, poems and songs that can be learned by the whole family. For a fuller experience, get everyone together and enjoy the delicious recipes included for each occasion.

Armenian Holidays & Traditions is a fun and easy way to keep traditions alive from one generation to the next with something to enjoy for everyone in the family. And with the option to “add to calendar,” you’ll never miss an important day!


  • Thirty one (31) holidays celebrated in Armenian tradition with more to come
  • Colorful illustrations
  • Information about the origins and significance
  • Expressions, greetings, poems and songs
  • Delicious recipes
  • Observed traditions
  • “Add to calendar” option
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