My Ethnic Quest

Author: Agop Hacikyan

Publisher: Gomidas Institute

Format: Paperback


My Ethnic Quest delves into conflicts that stem from issues of national identity, religious intolerance and social prejudice against Turkey’s minorities. The book presents a variety of ethnicities; Jews, Greeks, Armenians, Syriacs, Kurds, Yezidis and others. However, it also describes the silence imposed by the state to reduce the centuries-old mosaic into a drab mural. Much of this reflection has been sustained with unique personal narratives reflecting on a range of issues, from everyday pressures on minorities to assimilate to such extraordinary episodes as discriminatory conscription into labor battalions (1941), confiscatory taxation with the imposition of the Capital Levy Tax (1942-43), anti-Jewish measures in Thrace (June-July 1934), and organized pogroms against Greek communities (September 1955).

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