The Armenian Highland

Producer: AGBU Armenian Virtual College (AVC)

Format: Multimedia e-Book


AGBU’s AVC is redefining the Armenian experience by presenting a new interactive multimedia e-Book series available just one click away on your smart phone, tablet or web browser.

Available in seven languages, Book 1 offers an overview of The Armenian Highland, with particular emphasis on Armenia’s geography and history from ancient to modern times. It reviews the physical characteristics, natural life, environment, flora and fauna, climate, and natural resources of the Highland. In addition, it discusses the administrative division of the region and offers interesting historical facts. The e-Book concludes with a brief introduction to the significance of the Highland to present day Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh.

Watch videos, browse 3D and panoramic images, listen to descriptive narrative and follow timelines as you discover a whole new side of Armenia.

Book 1: The Armenian Highland is available free for download at:

  • iBooks Store (iPads and iMacs)
  • AVC website (web browser version for PCs, tablets and smartphones)


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