The Gathering Place, Stories from the Armenian Social Club in Old Shanghai

Author: E.G. Sergoyan

Publisher: Coffeetown Press

Format: Paperback


The upheavals of the early 20th century scattered Armenians literally in every direction. Very few thought they would settle in places as far as Shanghai. E.G. Sergoyan, an aeronautical engineer, has come to fill the gap with this fast-faced non-fiction volume chronicling the fascinating life of the small community of Armenian Shanghai. They are the "two percents," a small minority of people who abandon their country and families for exotic destinations. Illustrated with photographs of the characters that made up this remote Armenian outpost-those who witnessed the first Russo-Japanese War, Armenian pogroms in Baku, the Genocide, the Russian Revolution and the Japanese invasion of China, followed by the Kuomintang regime and Mao's Revolution. The reader is amply rewarded with the stories that make up the book, which are extraordinary in their own right.

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