War Gods: East Byzantium, Volume 1 - Limited Edition

Author: Roger Kupelian

Publisher: Fugitive Studios Entertainment

Format: Graphic Novel


Visual effects artist and filmmaker Roger Kupelian, who is best known for his work on the Academy Award winning trilogy “The Lord of the Rings,” has captured the imaginations of his fans yet again in this newly released graphic novel. War Gods is a Byzantine-era saga of unparalleled bravery, which offers a fresh new look at the world before the Dark Ages and after the fall of the classical Rome of the Caesars. It is the story of exceptional men and women who pull together a world torn apart by war, religious strife, and the lust for world domination. A true page-turner, War Gods describes with vivid imagery the murder that destroys a family, to the battles that regain a kingdom, to the religious conflicts that create the first Christian nation in history and the curse carried down through centuries that culminate in a bloody battlefield.

Limited Edition Autographed Issue.

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